Light resistance particle counter

2021-05-06 16:56

Definition of photoresist

Light Blockage (Light Blockage), also known as Light Blockage or Light Blockage, is a method of detecting particle size by using the change in light intensity caused by the blocking of light by particles. The detection range is from 1μm to 2.5mm.

Principle of light resistance particle counter

When the particles in the liquid pass through a narrow detection zone, the incident light perpendicular to the flow direction of the liquid is blocked by the insoluble particles, so that the sensor output signal changes. This signal change is proportional to the cross-sectional area of the particles. The method of checking insoluble particles in injection is based on this principle.

Type of photoresist particle counter

     Desktop particle counter (KT-2)

     Portable particle counter (KB-1C)

     Online particle counter (KZ-1)

     Upstream and downstream particle counter