KT-4   Particle Counter

    KT-4 Particle counter adopts the principle of Light Blockage Method for development.It is used for detecting of size and number of solid particles in the oilIt can be widely used to detect the contamination degree of solid particles in low viscosity oil, water-based hydraulic oil and other oil fluids, and to sample and detect insoluble particles in water-based samples, chemical reagents, organic liquids and polymer solutions.


l Adopts the principle of Light Blockage Method (Shading Method),with fast detection speed,strong anti-jamming,high precision good repeatability,etc.

l High precision sensors ensure high resolution and accuracy.

l Precise syringe-type sampling system can realize constant sampling speed and precise control of sampling volume.

l Automatic/manual lifting of sampling head with adjustable sampling head position.

l 7 "color Android LCD display, touch screen operation.

l Built-in standards for particle pollution levels, such as NAS1638, ISO4406-1999, ISO4406-2007, ISO4406-1987, GB/T 14039-2002, GJB420B-2006, GJB420B-2015, GJB420A-1996, AS4059E, AS4059F, ROCT17216-1971, ROCT17216-2001, JTS 005, SAE749D-1963, AND NAS1638/ISO4406. And can be built in according to user requirements required standards.

l The instrument can measure the particle size distribution of up to 4096 channels simultaneously.

l Three calibration curves (latex ball calibration curve, ACFTD calibration curve, ISOMTD calibration curve) can be stored at the same time, and can be easily switched to reduce the conversion error.

l Detection data storage function, memory 6GB, unlimited storage of data, convenient for archiving, retrieval and analysis of detection data. And equipped with usb interface, data can be stored in the USB disk.

l The instrument has data integrity function, with password login, multi-level authority management, operation log and data backup functions.

l On the basis of multi-level authority management, the instrument functions can also be assigned the authority.

l Optional external needle type micro printer or A4 paper printer, can directly print out the test report.

l Built-in a variety of input methods, handwritten input, to achieve the detection report Chinese marking.

l RS232 interface and powerful data acquisition software can realize the external computer to the detection data annotation, storage, query, generate PDF test report and so on.

l It has the function of magnetic stirring (electromagnetic stirring), so that the particles are evenly distributed.


1. Light source: semiconductor laser

2. Measuring range:0.8μm600μm Depends on the sensor

3. Particle size range: 1100μmISO4402)或470μm(c) GB/T18854ISO11171

4. Sensitivity:0.8μm(ISO4402)3μm(c)GB/T18854ISO11171

5. Detection channels: 4096 at most

6. Sampling volume:0.2500ml,interval

7. Sampling volume precision:Be superior to ±0.5

8. Sampling speed:580mL/min(The default 15mL/min)

9. Cleaning speed:580mL/min   (The default 15mL/min)

10. Resolution: better than 10% (GBT18854-2002ISO11171)

11. Coincidence error limit:12000~40000 particles/mL(Depends on the sensor

12. Repeatability:RSD<2%

13. Count accuracy:±5%

14. Test sample viscosity:100cSt

15. Test sample temperature0℃~80

16. Working temperature-20℃~60

17. Storage temperature-30℃~80

18. The power supply:100245V,4962Hz

19. Overall dimensions410×255×468mm

20. Instrument net weight25.5kg