KB-3A portable particle counter


KB-3A   Portable   Particle Counter

1Offline detection

Take samples directly from the sample bottle for testing

Connect the pneumatic bottle sampler (pressure device) for sampling inspection.

2On-line inspection

It can be installed in various hydraulic transmission, lubrication, oil filter, cleaning machine, testing and other systems, to achieve the on-line detection of oil contamination (cleanliness) of the system.


l Adopts the principle of Light Blockage Method (Shading Method),with fast detection speed,strong anti-jamming,high precision good repeatability,etc.

l High precision sensors ensure high resolution and accuracy

l Precision syrings type of sampling system implements constant sampling speed and control sample volume accurately

l 4.3-inch color LCD display, touch screen operation

l Built-in:

NAS1638, ISO4406-1999, ISO4406-2017, ISO4406-1987,GB/T14039-2002, GJB420B-2006, GJB420B-2015, GJB420A-1996,AS4059E difference, AS4059E accumulation, AS4059F difference, AS4059F accumulation, ROCT17216-1971, ROCT17216-2001,JTS 005, SAE749D-1963 and NAS1638/ISO4406,such as particle   pollution level standard, And can be built in according to user requirements required standards.

l Built-in "custom" standard, 0.01 μm interval, arbitrary particle size, can be set to 9,900 particle size, easy for particle size analysis.

l With built-in calibration function, the calibration can be carried out according to ISO4402, GB/T18854-2002 (ISO11171:1999), ROCT and other standards.

l Three calibration curves (ACFTD calibration curve, ISOMTD calibration curve and GOST calibration curve) can be stored at the same time, and can be easily switched to reduce the conversion error

l Built-in printer, can directly print out the detection report.

l The detection data storage function can either store the detection data in the memory of the instrument or store the detection data on the external U disk through the USB interface of the instrument

l The instrument can realize continuous automatic on-line detection, can give the number and grade of particles in real time, and can set the detection interval at will

l Water activity sensor can be installed optionally to detect water activity (AW) and oil temperature in the oil

l With flushing function, flushing volume can be set arbitrarily

l High strength injection shell, compact structure, light weight, easy to carry

l High precision aluminum wiredrawing panel, simple and beautiful, durable

l Standard RS232 communication, and provide communication protocol, can be connected to the computer or upper computer to complete the control of the instrument and test data transmission, storage and processing


1. Light source:   Semiconductor laser

2. Measuring range:   1μm600μm (Depends on the sensor)

3. Sensitivity: 1μm (ISO 4402) or 4μm (c) (GB/T18854ISO 11171)

4. Measuring channels:   8 channels,particle size can be arbitrarily set at intervals of 0.1μm

5. Sampling methods: Bottle or online

6. Sampling volume: 10 ml/time

7. Sampling volume precision: Be superior to ±3

8. Testing speed:   560mL/min(The default 20mL/min)

9. Cleaning speed:   560mL/min(The default 20mL/min)

10. Cleaning volume:It can be set between 0ml and 90ml(At 1 ml

11. Coincidence error limit: 1200040000 particles/ mL ( Depends on the sensor )

12. Repeatability:   RSD < 2%

13. Count accuracy:   ±10%

14. Offline testing viscosity: 100 cSt (optional pressure bottle type sampler, the highest viscosity up to 400 cSt)

15. On-line testing pressure: 0.10.6 Mpa (optional pressure-relief devices, the highest pressure up to 40Mpa )

16. Online detection intervalIt can be set between 1 second and 10 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds

17. Test sample temperature:   0℃~80

18. Work temperature:   -20℃~60

19. Storage temperature:   -30℃~80

20. Power supply: 100V ~ 265VAC or 24VDC or external lithium battery

21. Overall dimensions:   345×295×152mm

22. Instrument net weight:   5kg