KZ-4 On-line Particle Counter

Overall dimensions100×75×70mm

Net weight1kg


l The instrument is equipped with mounting holes and can be mounted on the system for real-time monitoring of oil particle contamination (cleanliness) of various hydraulic and lubricating systems.

l Adopting the principle of photoresist method (shading method), it has the advantages of fast detection speed, 5 seconds to give the detection results, strong anti-interference, high precision, good repeatability and so on.

l OLED screen display, film touch button operation

l Built-in NAS1638, ISO4406-1999, GJB420B-2006, GJB420A-1996, ROCT17216 and other particle pollution level standards, and can be built according to user requirements

l The built-in "full channel" standard can simultaneously detect the number of 8 fixed particle sizes.

l Built-in calibration function, according to ISO4402, GB/T18854-2002 (ISO11171:1999) and other standards for calibration.

l The instrument can realize continuous automatic on-line detection, and can display the number and grade of particles in real time, or switch to display only grade mode.

l Water activity sensor can be installed optionally to detect water activity (AW) and oil temperature in the oil

l The flow through the sensor is monitored in real time.

l High strength aluminum housing, strong anti-interference, high temperature and high pressure resistance, strong housing, can be used in harsh environment.

l Standard RS485 communication, can be matched with 232 communication, Modbus communication or 4-20MA communication, and provide the corresponding communication protocol, can be connected to the computer or upper computer to complete the control of the instrument and the transmission, storage and processing of test data.

l The instrument has the function of switching interface between Chinese and English; Four communication mode switching functions.

l Can be customized (KZ - 4 f) explosion-proof type, explosion-proof grade Ex ib T3 Gb B.


1. Light source: semiconductor laser

2. Measuring range:1μm600μmDepends on the sensor

3. Particle size range:1100μmISO4402or 470μm(c)

4. Sensitivity:1μmISO4402or 4μmc)GB/T18854ISO11171

5. Measuring channels:8 channels

6. Detection of particle size:1μm2μm5μm10μm15μm25μm50μm100μm or 4μm(c)4.6μm(c)6μm(c)10μm(c)14μm(c)21μm(c)38μm(c)70μm(c)

7. Count the volume:1ml

8. Velocity range:10300mL/min

9. Relative error of particle count: ±1 degree of contamination

10. Result storage: THE USB interface is stored on the U disk

11. Online pressure detection0.210MpaThe maximum pressure of the pressure relief device can be up to 40MPa

12. IP protection level:IP65

13. Test sample temperature0℃~80

14. Working temperature-20℃~60

15. Storage temperature-30℃~80

16. The power supply100V ~ 265VAC or 24VDC