KZD-3A Upstream and Downstream Particle Counter


KZD-3A   Upstream and Downstream Particle Counter

      KZD-3A upstream and downstream particle counter is a specially designed supporting instrument for evaluating the filtration performance of filter (filter element) through many tests. Through the two light resistance method (shading method) of the principle of high precision laser sensors for many times by the experimental system of upstream and downstream of the particle concentration, respectively, at the same time, thus draws the filter (filter) filtration efficiency and filtration, in full compliance with the GB/T18853-2002 (1999) ISO16889: hydraulic transmission filters - filter filtration performance were evaluated by many times through the method and the diesel oil filter and fuel filter - ISO 19438 internal combustion engine using particle counting method determination of impurities filtration efficiency and storage capacity, such as the requirements of the relevant standards.


l Adopt the principle of Light Blockage Method (Shading Method), It has high detection speed and strong anti-interference, high precision and good repeatability.

l High precision sensors ensure resolution and accuracy. Double high precision laser sensors realize upstream and downstream particle counter at the same time.

l Precision metering sampling system implements constant sampling speed and control sample volume accurately.

l 5.6-inch true color LCD touch screen, simple and convenient for touch operation.

l It is fully compliance with the relevant provisions of standards of ISO16889: 1999 (GB/T18853-2002) and ISO19438.

l It can set count time, interval time, experimental time by flexible operation. It can set up upstream and downstream detection or simultaneous detection.

l Can be set to "initial" mode to verify the filter experimental system

l It can be set as "count" mode to realize the function of desktop particle count.

l Built-in printer, can directly print out the detection report and filter ratio.

l Chinese input method is built in to realize Chinese annotation of test report

l It can be connected industrial control system by the RS232 serial port in order to realize the industrial computer control the particle counter and data processing.

l Calibration can be carried out according to ISO4402 or GB/T18854-2002 (ISO11171:1999, JJG066-95) and other standards


1. Light source:   Semiconductor laser

2. Particle size range:   1μm250μm

3. Sensitivity: 1um (ISO4402) or 4um(c) ( GB/T18854, ISO11171)

4. Measuring channels:   32 channels, 16 upstream and 16 downstream, particle size can be set arbitrarily.

5. Measuring particle size: Within the scope of 1μm100μm or 4μm(c)70μm(c).   the interval 0.01μm can be set arbitrarily.

6. Sampling volume: 10ml

7. Sampling volume precision: Be superior to ±1

8. Testing speed:   20mL/min

9. Cleaning speed:   20mL/min

10. Coincidence error limit: 2400040000 particles/ mL (5% coincidence error)

11. Repeatability: RSD < 2%

12. Count accuracy:   ±10%

13. Online pressure:   01.5MPa

14. Test sample temperature:   0℃~80

15. Work temperature:   0℃~60

16. Storage temperature:   -30℃~80

17. Test of time:0~240min

18. The interval:0~600s

19. Data output: Built-in printer; RS232 interface can be connected to computer to realize control and data acquisition

20. Power supply: 100245V, 5060Hz

21. Overall dimensions:   Mainframe 420×300×190mm,  

22. Constant current sampler   310×250×125mm

23. Instrument net weight:   Mainframe 7kg, Constant current sampler 5kg