QY-2 Air Pressure Bottle Sampler


QY-2 Air pressure bottle sampler

The detection viscosity of the portable particle counter generally does not exceed 100 centistokes. For some samples with higher viscosity (viscosity more than 100 centistokes), a pressure bottle sampler (pressurization device) should be selected to ensure the sampling volume of the portable particle counter. And the accuracy of the test results.

The pressure bottle sampler can not only assist the particle counter to detect high-viscosity samples, but also remove air bubbles in the sample.

Performance characteristics:

1. Adopt high-quality micro air compressor with long service life;

2. The boosting speed is fast, and the pressure holding capacity is strong;

3. It is suitable for sampling oil with a maximum viscosity of 400 centistokes, which improves the detection viscosity range of the portable particle counter;

4. The pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily;

5. Built-in large-capacity lithium battery, long working time;

6. With air filter device, it can filter out dust and moisture in the air.

Technical index:

1. Maximum pressure: 0~0.5MPa

2. Lithium battery: 7800mAh

3. Power supply: 100V~265VAC or built-in lithium battery

4. Ambient temperature: -20~60℃

5. Dimensions: 270×200×420mm

6. Net weight: 12kg