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Desktop particle counterLaboratory high precisionKT-2D16 channels4 calibration curvesThe viscosity of the test sample can reach 650cSt7 inch color Android system LCD screenKT-2D desktop particle counter adopts light scattering method and photoresistance method dual-mode sensor to detect the size and quantity of solid particles in liquid. It can be widely used in semiconductor, chip manufacturing, aviation, aerospace, aviation, heavy industry machinery, electric power, Petroleum, chemical, transportation, port, metallurgy, machinery, automobile manufacturing and other fields, for hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, rock shale oil, transformer oil (insulating oil), turbine oil (turbine oil), gear oil, engine oil, aviation Perform solid particle pollution detection for oils such as kerosene and water-based hydraulic oil, and perform sampling and detection of insoluble particles for water-based samples, chemical reagents, organic liquids, and polymer solutions.Performance characteristics:1. It adopts light scattering method and photoresistance method dual-mode sensor, which has the advantages of fast detection speed, strong anti-interference, high precision and good repeatability.2. High-precision sensors ensure high-resolution power and accuracy.3. Precise syringe sampling system realizes constant sampling speed and precise control of sampling volume.4. Positive/negative pressure air chamber device to realize sample degassing and high-viscosity sample detection.5.7 inch color Android system LCD screen display, touch screen operation.6. Built-in NAS1638, ISO4406-1999, ISO4406-2007, ISO4406-1987, GB/T 14039-2002, GJB420B-2006, GJB420B-2015, GJB420A-1996, AS4059E, AS4059F, ROCT17216-1971, ROCT17216-2001, JTS- 005, SAE749D-1963, NAS1638/ISO4406 and other particle pollution grade standards, and can be built in required standards according to user requirements.7. Built-in "custom" standard, the interval can be 0.01μm, the particle size can be set arbitrarily, and 9900 particle sizes can be set, which is convenient for particle size analysis.8. Built-in "full channel" standard, can detect the particle size of all testing standards at the same time. After the test is completed, multiple test standards can be selected arbitrarily, and the test report can be displayed and printed according to the selected multiple test standards.9. Four calibration curves (latex ball calibration curve, ACFTD calibration curve, ISOMTD calibration curve, GOST calibration curve) can be stored at the same time, and can be easily switched to reduce conversion errors.10. Test data storage function, memory 6GB, unlimited data storage, convenient for archiving, retrieval and analysis of test data. And it is equipped with a U disk interface, which can store data in the U disk.11. The instrument has the function of data integrity, with functions such as password login, multi-level authority management, operation log and data backup.12. On the basis of multi-level authority management, the instrument can also assign authority to various functions of the instrument.13. Built-in printer, can print out the test report directly.14. Built-in a variety of input methods, handwriting input can be realized, and the test report can be marked in Chinese.15. The output interface has RS232, dual USB interface and LAN interface, which can be connected to U disk, optional A4 format printer, scan code gun and other peripherals, and computer data acquisition software can be selected to realize the marking and storage of test data by an external computer , Query, generate PDF test report, etc.16. With magnetic stirring function, the particles are evenly distributed.17. The pneumatic pump is equipped with a four-stage gas filter and dewatering purifier to avoid environmental air pollution to the sample.Technical index:1. Light source: semiconductor laser2. Detection range: 0.5μm~320μm3. Range of particle size: 0.5~100μm (latex ball) or 1~70μm(c) (GB/T18854, ISO11171) or 1~100μm (ISO4402)4. Sensitivity: 0.5μm (latex ball) or 1μm (c) (GB/T18854, ISO11171) or 1μm (ISO4402)5. Detection channels: 408 channels fixed between 0.5~2μm: 0.5μm, 0.6μm, 0.8μm, 1.0μm, 1.2μm, 1.5μm, 1.8μm, 2.0μm32 channels between 2~100μm, the particle size can be set arbitrarily with an interval of 0.01μm6. Sampling volume: 0.2~500ml, with an interval of 0.1ml7. Relative error of sampling volume: better than ±0.5%8. Detection speed: 5~60mL/min (default 15mL/min)9. Cleaning speed: 5~60mL/min (default 15mL/min)10. Discrimination: better than 10% (GBT18854-2002, ISO11171)11. Coincidence error limit: 10000 grains/mL12. Particle count repeatability: RSD<2%13. Relative error of particle count: ±5%14. The maximum negative pressure of the air chamber: -0.08MPa15. The maximum positive pressure of the air chamber: 1MPa16. Test sample viscosity: ≤650cSt17. Test sample temperature: 0℃~80℃18. Working temperature: 0℃~60℃19. Storage temperature: -30℃~80℃20. Power supply: 100~245V, 49~62Hz21. Dimensions: main machine 430×320×590mmAir pump 330×266×255mm22. Net weight of the instrument: 30kg for the host and 10kg for the air pump